The UNfappening


The UNfappening

The UNfappening

Artbox – The UNfappening

Banksy: “This might break the internet”

On 31 August 2014, hundreds of private nude celebrity pictures were leaked onto the web. The Internet dubbed this event ‘The Fappening’. We asked ourselves: how could we turn this negative attention around? So we initiated ‘The UNfappening’: showcasing works of artists represented by art agency Artbox on the leaked pictures. The UNfappening quickly became more viral than The Fappening itself. But more important, the project has taken the power away from those behind the leaks and redirected it towards celebrating the victims involved as works of art.

Made with the lovely people of Artbox!


FWA public shortlist
2x ADCN nominations

1x SAN nomination

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