Late Night Tjapservice


Late Night Tjapservice

Late Night Tjapservice

Fernandes – Late Night Tjapservice

“Very Late? Hungry? No Spang”

Fernandes knows how real the struggle of being hungry late at night is. That’s why we introduced Fernandes Late Night Tjapservice.

The first toko, live on Facebook, open from sunset to dawn.

Two Queens of the Kitchen we cooked up lots of Suriname food, which could be ordered live on Facebook or WhatsApp. Once ordered our Tjapservice delivery team went out to deliver these Suriname meals accompanied with some refreshing Fernandes throughout Rotterdam.

Check out the Late Night Tjapservice pre, live & after movie to get a taste of how it went down.”

L.O.V.E. for the team at Achtung! and Provoke, Daniel Porcedda, Danny Merk & Chiron Holwijn.

Wrapup - Late Night TjapService

Intro - Late Night TjapService

Livefeed - Late Night TjapService

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