ABN AMRO – De Huizenpromoter

“They put a rollercoaster in a house!”

Confidence in banks has taken a severe knock in recent years. As a bank, how can you show that you really want to help your customers? Instead of traditional advertising, we used an innovative new form of advertising for one month, which featured houses that our customers were trying to sell. To launch our daily ‘House Promoter’ in style, we made sure that house viewings at one house in Ermelo were a lot more exciting than usual. We built a fully working rollercoaster right through the house. The film we made went viral and within a few weeks it was the most watched viral film originating from the Netherlands ever, with currently over 37 million views.

Made with the lovely people of Wefilm!

Gold Esprix Award
Silver Echo Award
2x Best Social Media Awards
Finalist Cannes Lions

2x Spin Awards nominations
4x ADCN nominations
1x SAN nomination

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