Groente & Fruit

Groente & Fruit

“The nr1. parody on the nr1. Dutch song Drank & Drugs (Booze & Drugs)”

When we heard little children chanting lyrics like: ‘every teenagers say yes to MDMA’, we thought the Nr 1. Dutch hit, ‘Drank & Drugs’ (Booze & Drugs), by Lil Kleine and Ronnie Flex needed a ‘healthier’, kid-friendly version. So we wrote and recorded a parody called ‘Groente & Fruit’ (Vegetables & Fruit). One million views later, it’s safe to say we created a healthy hit parody. Kids loved it, national radio played it, and several nightclubs bounced hard to it. And to top it all off, our parody got parodied by a greengrocer from Schijndel – true story.

Made with the lovely people of Earforce!

1x Best Social Media Awards 2016 nomination

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